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Ambient band music from Bill Dyckns on Band For The Day

United States, Dover
Genre: Ambient
Band for the day:    x35
Hall of Fame: x2

Current Tracks

Song Title: 13 The Day I Saw You.mp3

Song Title: 10 Sometimes Stylish.mp3

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Official website of Ambient band Bill Dyckns on Band For The Day.

*****05.26.2009****** "I'm honoured to have had my song "Didn't I Just Say That Pt.II" included on a new compilation album, "Showcase", produced by Moiko Records. It's wonderful to be "Showcased" for such a worthy purpose!" ***All proceeds go to research cures for Multiple Sclerosis. A variety of music and styles by the best artists today are included on the "Showcase" CD" -Moiko Records ***** ______________________________ 05.21.2009***** *** *Ambiance Before I Go *** * Now Available at CD Baby ______________________________ **Critique Of Bleecker Street '66 Bill Dyckns Easy Listening, Jazz *A more jazz-complex blues tune I don't think I've heard in a long time. But when the threads are unraveled, and the combination's are allowed to just wash over and seep in, the groove is sublime. — CraigH * * [Abandoned Blues] Available Now Everywhere! Get It Now!* Catch The Dyckns - Sentimento, Passione, Pensiero, Personnalite, Biographias, Liebe, Amore and Good Time Music by Bill Dyckns Dyckns Has Seen It All Twice BILL DYCKNS has been singing & writing since 1964. DYCKNS wrote a highly acclaimed song of the events of November 22nd, 1963 he titled “Man In Texas” as a high school student. He was a visible & vibrant supporter of the civil rights movement,performing, along with his own works, the "folk/rock’ & gospel songs of the day throughout the local area. After graduation, before college, DYCKNS arrived in New York City’s Greenwich Village where he made an effort for larger recognition playing the “Bitter End” & local “basket” clubs in the Bleecker Street area. Attaining great experience DYCKNS headed for college.He formed "The Wakefields & played the the midwest. Leaving college early DYCKNS headed back to New York City, enlisting in the army soon after. Being drafted was not on his agenda. Though DYCKNS did serve 1 year in Viet Nam as a combat photographer & was decorated for his service with the ACM, on his return to the States, as he said, it was a world changed. DYCKNS purchased a new guitar in 1980 but could never grasp the gift he had buried deep within after his return from the war. His First “DEMO” CD “STILL AROUND” features “THE BALLAD OF SUSETTE KELO” which has gained praise. Attorney’s for the case are promoting the CD, showing the populist issue it is. Dyckns remains a songwriter of the injustices’ to society but also writes songs with amazing wordsmithing & catchy melodies. DYCKNS was stunned by the inspiration re-lit in him but is enjoying every second of the magic. Band Members/Instrumentation BILL DYCKNS – Vocalist, Guitar-Lead BILLDYCKNS – Keyboards-Pianist, Drums-Percussion JEFF KNOETTNER – Keyboards-Pianist, Bass Discography TERRI’S SONG – Single, 1998 THE FINEST CRAFT FEATURING THE BALLAD OF SUSETTE KELO – EP, 2005 BILL DYCKNS – STILL AROUND – THE BALLAD OF USETTE KELO – EP, 2005 BILL DYCKNS BURNING COVERS – LP, 2005 ABSOLUTELY NOT YOU – Single, 2005 IN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION – Single, 2005, “Abandoned Blues” LP 2007 – “Bill Dyckns- Best To Offer” LP 2007, “Ambiance Before I Go” LP 2009, “Didn’t I Just Say That Pt. II” Selected By WORDMAN of Athens For “Showcase” Compilation CD. All Proceeds Going To Multiple Sclerosis Research. LP 2009

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