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Alternative band music from Daniel Land and the Modern Painters on Band For The Day

England, Manchester
Genre: Alternative
Band for the day:    x8
Hall of Fame:

Current Tracks

Song Title: Run Silent, Run Deep

Song Title: lighting out for the territories

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Official website of Alternative band Daniel Land and the Modern Painters on Band For The Day.

A magnificent, magical and monolithic slice of shoegaze beauty. Sounds like Slowdive reimagined by Phil Spector. NME. You can't help but think they're a band the late John Peel would have loved. ROB DA BANK, BBC RADIO 1. Slowdive were, we can now admit, the best of the post-MBV shoegazers, and if you like the idea of their songs like Morningrise and She Calls being sung by a choirboy, then you'll love this lot. THE GUARDIAN.

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Robert Bowers

Absolutely beautiful sounds! keep on making em!!!

Bill Dyckns

Really like your sound guys!...Wonderful! - Dyckns


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