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HipHop band music from Detromental on Band For The Day

United States, Detroit
Genre: HipHop
Band for the day:    x2
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Current Tracks

Song Title: Spaceship

Song Title: Detromental- Catch Up

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Total Listens: 175


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Official website of HipHop band Detromental on Band For The Day.

Straight out of Tha D (Detroit), Detromental is on fire! Its 4 members all grew up on 7 Mile. They go by the names of: Magnum, Nalyz Omega, OZ da Juice, and A3; and as true rappers do each one shares his own experiences with his own words as they express their respective feelings and opinions about topics such as life on the streets, relationships, etc… The combination of point blank lyrics and their Midwest style which is flavored with a touch of the East coast, West coast and the Dirty South. Detromental’s music says it the way it is, and that’s what makes them so intense. The production of Detromental’s beats is from the studio of Mag Da Po Boy Productions (Magnum), as well as several of Detroit’s best producers giving Detromental the sound that demands recognition world wide! On stage, the energy from Detromental is in itself a refreshing change. Having grown up together makes for an extremely smooth show. They love performing live and are seasoned professionals when it comes to business. Detromental is ready, but is the industry ready for Detromental?

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