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HipHop band music from GreatlyInfluencedFlows on Band For The Day

United States, Fredericksburg
Genre: HipHop
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Song Title: L.I.F.E..mp3

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Official website of HipHop band GreatlyInfluencedFlows on Band For The Day.

GIF "The Lyrical Poet" Justin Fahringer, better known as GIF, was born in King George, Virginia. March of 1987. Greatly Influenced Flows (G.I.F.) began his journey of lyrical excellence at the tender age of 9. Those years of self-exploring molded him into the seasoned lyricist that his fans have come to love and know. Using music as a verbal journal, a self-inspired Justin, began to truly flourish with originality, expression, and creativity. As a lyrical artist he produces radio hits by adjusting the cadence of his flow with cutting edge versatility: fast to slow; to love songs; to songs for the streets. The Lyrical Poet's love for producing music and expressing it through live performances, drives him to achieve goals that direct others towards positive life decisions. At the current age of 22, GIF is strongly influenced, mentored, and challenged by his management and marketing team. He has performed at major venues, local events, and open mic shows. He supports his Virginia foundation by touring cities near you. You name it GIF's been there or will be. With no desire to stop progressing, Justin has just begun his highly anticipated and well-deserved journey to the top. This is just the beginning.

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