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HipHop band music from Jaded Reign on Band For The Day

United States, SHAKOPEE
Genre: HipHop
Band for the day:    x8
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Official website of HipHop band Jaded Reign on Band For The Day.

A NEW STYLE OF MUSIC!! THE DYNAMIC DUO! Our NEW style of music Called " All Around feel good music"! We GUARANTEED to get ANY crowd moving with our intense live show! Our unlimited amount of energy along with our "funky unsampled, self-produced music, is GUARANTEED to have your taste buds hangin from your tongue just to get another taste! Five years of hard work, imagination, and determination, we have conjured a way to bring you to our world!! WELCOME! NO ONE DOES IT LIKE US!! All or our music is written and produced by us! We have constructed our own style, with hard-hitting basslines, snappy snares, and very charismatic lyrics. We make sure that our stage performance is full of charisma, with structured scenerios, props, dance moves and crowd lures to keep our present and future fans interested and coming back for more! In doing so, we have won 3 New Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist Awards from DarnellM1 Designs & Uncle D Entertainment Inc. and 7-time Band of the Day winner, and currently hold 5th place in the Band For the Day “Hall of Fame”! Also becoming CodaGroovesEnt Best Hip-Hop 2010 Award winners! We also try to keep a great rapport with our 2000+ fans by mailing list. Giving thanks to them by autographs, photos, doing personal parties, a way to contact us personally, contacting them on upcoming performances before the public knows, and NEVER GIVING THE SAME SHOW TWICE!! Our music is catered to the everyday person, it's catchy but clever. We're geared to bring back the fun of dancing and partying. When we perform, they are more than "shows", we throw parties!! This year we have been more geared towards performing. this year, we have performed MANY venues,throughout the Twin Cities and the Midwest, with great response. Just releasing our NEW ALBUM FOR 2011 "THE EXCLUSIVE" and working on videos and other ways to keep our fans "ENTERTAINED"! ALWAYS open to new venues, and ideas!! Right now, we are self-promoted.

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