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Rock/Hard Rock band music from Jemson Green on Band For The Day

Ireland, Dublin
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Band for the day:    x8
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Current Tracks

Song Title: Numb Myself

Song Title: Holes In The Truth

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Official website of Rock/Hard Rock band Jemson Green on Band For The Day.

" 'Growing Stranger,' is as compelling and irresistible a rocker as you'll hear all year " -HotPress Magazine Feb. 2012 Jemson Green are a collective force of experience, friendship and influences forging a powerful rock sound that transcends audiences. Jemson Green began in 2007 with four friends with the goal to produce and play honest and solid Rock music. In 2010, vocalist Ronan Power and drummer Shaun Costello were introduced to guitarist Shane Mason, who with several years experience performing and writing, marked a significant turning point in the bands musical direction and sound. Following a regrouping, Jemson Green started writing their new material in the early summer of 2011 and recruited Bambi Morrissey on bass and Steve "The Deacon" McCarthy on rhythm guitar. The "improved" Jemson Green set about building the live performance, with the belief that this is the area that best showcases the group's ability. The lads have since gained notable support slots with Serj Tankien in Dublin's Ambassador and various other well known Irish artists and venues. With the release of their first Single "Sober" in 2008 Jemson Green received 'Single of the Fortnight' / Hotpress. In 2010 Jemson Green were placed 1st Runner Up in the 2010 Rising Star Award / London, as well as a nomination for the Best New International Act at the 2010 Independent Music Awards! In 2011 Jemson Green began work on the songs for their forthcoming album and perfect their ability as a band together. Now with completed recordings and radio play underway in both the United States and Europe, Jemson Green are set to be the soundtrack of 2012.

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