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Alternative band music from Melancholy on Band For The Day

Poland, Katowice
Genre: Alternative
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Song Title: infinity.mp3

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Official website of Alternative band Melancholy on Band For The Day.

Everything began in the autumn of 2000. The band began with the hands of Jacek Brzezina (drums) and Piotr Christ (guitar). Soon after they confirmed as new members Darek Dlugosz (keyobard), Rafal Szopinski (guitar) and Elwira Sabiga (voice). Thus, came into existance the band 'Symbioza' which debuted in the Palace of Youth in Katowice. The Beginning (as everywhere) was a bit difficult - a few mates wanted to form a band, buy equipment, find a rehearsal place... and it all got started. Our huge desire to play grew from day to day, and the band was unwinding ( and still is). An important part of Melancholy is our mentor and artistic head-master - Mr Bogdan Kosien, who has been helping us from the start ( Thank You !). As always in life, personality clashed and after Elwira left the band. Shortly after we met Agnieszka Kotas who was confirmed as the new bassist. And shortly after that, Krzysztof Wróbel joined the band as the new vocalist. After Rafal's departure, the crew was seeking a new guitarist for a long time. Fortune smiled on them however and brought them a new guitarist in the form of Pawel Popenda (Pudel). Being of alike mind we changed our name into ' Melancholy ' and opened the gates for the unknown. This line-up, these six people breathed new life into Melancholy and we owe them what the band is today. Within one year, after countless hours of beautiful moments spent with one another we created music which we really feel, music we have always wanted to play. However, the thriving period rich in many concerts, trips and rehearsals had to come to an end the moment Agnieszka and Jacek left us for personal reasons. Thank you for everything and remember that you are both sorely missed! After a short break we found Maciek, out new bass player. Nonetheless, finding someone who might replace Jacek was a bit of effort. Finally we found Adrian who turned out to play and understand our music the way that made everyone happy. We also had to say goodbye to our keyboards player Darek, whom we would like to thank for his contribution to our band. Now it is pretty much like we are starting anew and we do hope that we will succeed. See you at one of our concerts!

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