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Metal/Dark/Hardcore band music from Melankoly on Band For The Day

Genre: Metal/Dark/Hardcore
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Song Title: kings of my army.mp3

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Official website of Metal/Dark/Hardcore band Melankoly on Band For The Day.

Melankoly is an Armenian Black Metal band from Beirut- Lebanon Formed by Sam Kasparian (vocals),Sako Kasparian(Drums),Yeghig Aroyan(Guitar),Mano Rouss(Guitar) on summer 2006 .Started under the name of Melancholy. The aim was to create a new genre of Black Metal full of emotions and melodies . THE GOSPEL After Numerous Gigs and concerts Melankoly entered Vulture Sound Productions Studios to record their first album “The Gospel” in August 2008. The album was released in 2010 funded by the band itself. MELANKOLY After some lineup changes Elie Apoyan replaced Mano Rouss on Guitar and Hrant Kasparian Replaced Garo Mouradian on Bass . With the new members along, the Band decided to make a change in the style by Going Harder, angrier and more brutal yet carrying the same melodic taste .The band changed their name from Melancholy To Melankoly . THROUGH SICKNESS AND DEATH: Melankoly entered Vulture Sound Production studio for the second time in June 15 2011 to record their Second Self Funded album, titled “through Sickness And Death “The album will be released soon.

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