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Americana band music from Rod Kennedy Organization on Band For The Day

United States, Redland
Genre: Americana
Band for the day:    x3
Hall of Fame:

Current Tracks

Song Title: 01 Everyday Hero.mp3

Song Title: 02 Barely Hanging On.mp3

Song Title: Walkin\\\' Blues.mp3

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Total Listens: 245


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Official website of Americana band Rod Kennedy Organization on Band For The Day.

RKO RIDES HIGH ON VINTAGE MODERN SOUNDS SELECTED PRESS/FEEDBACK “Guitarist Rod Kennedy kicks up a fierce dust storm of hard rocking blues power. Kennedy plays with edge, fire, power and passion - all the things you're looking for in a guitarist. Pop me another beer and turn it up!” - Alan Paul, Guitar World Magazine (03/16/05) “One of the most explosive bands in the underground blues/rock scene today. I was completely blown away by how much the band worked as a unit. From to blues and everything in between, Rod Kennedy can hold his own with anyone who stalks the stage today… He is one to watch. Catch him now before it’s too late!” - Cas Azera, Owner, Tone Tools Amp Cabinets “I was completely floored… Tone, touch, and taste… It’s all there.” -Kenny Vaughn, Guitarist, Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives “One of the best damn three-piece bands I’ve heard in a long time.” - Gretchen Wilson, Nashville Sony Recording Artist “They remind me of us! But we’re a lot better looking!” - Dan Baird, Vocalist/Guitarist/Producer, Georgia Satellites “Where the hell did you come from?? Holy &*%$!” - Scott Sheritt, Producer, Garth Brooks

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