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Indie band music from SadMe on Band For The Day

Russia, Moscow
Genre: Indie
Band for the day:    x4
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Song Title: SadMe - Lift me up.mp3

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Official website of Indie band SadMe on Band For The Day.

SadMe – Moscow indie-rock band, whose sound comes apart from other bands from Russia. SadMe vocalist MelerySad is a key person, she writes all lyrics and music for the most songs. The band has never been standing in one place, and since 2002 had come the way from Irish rock to brit-rock, and from indi-rock to a quite complicated to describe mixed style, which is hard to be named except like SadMe-rock. They easily mix different music styles and do not get tired to experiment. They are in a permanent search. Considering the fact that the band already has its own sound, they do not exploit already found tricks and do not use music clichés, that’s why their performances are always original and memorable. SadMe have a wide experience of concert work, and they are well known and recognizable in clubs. They’ve got intellectual texts and music, but together with that they’ve got drive and nerve-strain. Due to charisma of all musicians and powerful energy which MelerySad passes through her-self and gives away to the auditorium, none of listeners can stay indifferent. Listen once to MelerySad’s sensual voice and it will surely live a trace in your soul..

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