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Alternative band music from The Talent on Band For The Day

Genre: Alternative
Band for the day:    x15
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Current Tracks

Song Title: Her Majestys Pleasure(Guru from the Glen


Song Title: And She Boogalooed.mp3

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Official website of Alternative band The Talent on Band For The Day.

Hello....This is THE TALENT, a "pop" group in the classical sense. Formed in 2008 , the band play witty,original songs with hook lines galore.Happy to career across musical styles,THE TALENT shimmy from Punky Psychedelia to Lounge, via Folk,Country and Ska,while still engaging and entertaining eager listeners. Songs on this site were recorded in eight hours at Splash Studios, Johnstone, and represents a live set and how tight the band can be to record so much in such little time, We hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as we enjoy making it. We realise calling ourselves THE TALENT might sound conceited, but we didnt want to be "the average"..........and we think its quite funny......and true! THE TALENT are Scot - Vocals, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, other instruments. Cat - Vocals, Drums, Guitar. Sawney- Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bass, other instruments

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