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Rock/Hard Rock band music from age of element on Band For The Day

Scotland, Dundee
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Band for the day:    x9
Hall of Fame:

Current Tracks

Song Title: 02 Embers.wma

Song Title: 02 All ive done.wma

Song Title: 01 Chapter Unfolds.mp3

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Official website of Rock/Hard Rock band age of element on Band For The Day.

Age of element are a rock/emo band that come from dundee/scotland......the two original members are chris bangs and greg smith both on guitars. realising their ambition to start a band chris and greg started jamming together and soon had a band consisting of scott on bass and 'downie' on vocals as well as jamie on drums. After realising that 'downie' did not share their musical tastes, AOE split with downie and daniel hewett was brought in as a replacement vocalist. The band has kept its lineup and currently several songs on its myspace that you can check out as you please and they are looking to get as many tours done as possible come the new year! we hope you like our music.....

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