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Indie band music from moscow fish on Band For The Day

Thailand, Koh Phangan
Genre: Indie
Band for the day:    x12
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Current Tracks

Song Title: harpjam.mp3


Song Title: Your Night Out_.mp3

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Official website of Indie band moscow fish on Band For The Day.

Moscowfish plays eclectic electro acoustic chill music that stems from their singer-songwriter roots. Unusual ideas wrapped in intelligent lyrics with a voice that will haunt the halls of your memory. There's a touch of Pink Floyd in the solid core of their sound, a hint of World, of Bjork, of Massive Attack.., they straddle many genres without confusion to produce a sound that is uniquely and undeniably Moscowfish. You might catch them playing 2 acoustic guitars and some harmonicas as the sun sets, or acoustic electronica fusion as the moon rises. Theirs is a new approach to beats that deepens with every listen. It's something new, and it's got that something that wraps around your core, seeps into your bones, and makes you know that you just heard something you never heard before. Originally from Canada, Moscowfish now base themselves, between tours, on the small island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, where they create, record and produce their new music putting a gentle but solid twist on the concept of conventional.

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Hi Ea, hi Ted great to find you also here


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