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Circular Records & BFTD - 2011-04-21 00:00:23

The Hall of Fame beginning at the end of May 2011 will give you the chance to sign with Circular Records "Recording Partnership +".... more info here

NO BULL...HERE IS WHAT YOU GET!Formed in 2002, Circular Records Ltd (CR) has built its current roster of artists on best industry practice and commitment and boasts one of the most competitive artist/label split around.•CR gives you physical CD distribution in the UK and Ireland as well as with partner labels in Europe and South Korea. Your CDs will show up in all the high street stores computer systems across the UK! If your CDs are in demand, shops will stock your CDs in store. You will also be right across the Internet for physical sales in number one stores like Amazon.•Your digital distribution worldwide sales will be carried out by the world's leading digital aggregator, The Orchard. Inclusion to this premier service includes sync. and publishing opportunities. The Orchard ensures that your music is available throughout the Internet as well as being on play sites such as Spotify.•CR represents its artists at all of the key music industry events worldwide; these have included Popkomm, MIDEM and South by Southwest. These are industry only events and getting your music represented is a must! Circular works to create reciprocal label deals, sync deals re television and film and further publishing agreements for our artists.•Almost round the clock Internet promotion by our team of dedicated marketeers. Our teams work to create tidal waves of traffic to your website or iTune page from your Youtube, Facebook & Twitter accounts as well as 1000s of blogs, forums and sites across the Internet. Each month your Internet presence grows on autopilot allowing you to concentrate on creating, practising and performing your music. RECORDING PARTNERSHIP + also gives you:•Regular guidance and news updates on new developments within the industry.•Access to our team of designers ensuring your artwork - CD and digital, is industry ready.•The best possible CD replication deal.•A far-reaching presence on the soon to be revamped Circular website.•Access to our team of Internet marketing experts giving you maximum exposure & help.•The option to gain a publishing contract with CR’s sister company, Circular Music Ltd.•A fully featured merchandising solution with no cost or stock worries (coming soon).•Being part of an expanding team of music industry professionals with links worldwide.

NEW FEATURE ON BAND FOR THE DAY - 2010-01-28 00:24:57

The Band For The Day online resource.

We just wanted to let you know about a new service we have been quietly working on.

If you look at the top menu of of the site you will see a new option titled "musicians articles".

This will turn in to a vast library of articles which you can rss feed through to your own websites or post through your blogs. We will be covering everything that is of interest to bands from equipment to contracts, from forming a band to creating a tour. Have a look and keep coming back as we will be continually updating.

If you have anything you would like us to add or cover ... just ask.

The BFTD team

BFTD 2009 review out now - 2010-01-16 04:31:45

The 2009 review with interviews from six of our bands as well as all the latest developments is now available to download from our Downloads is the link!

BFTD Social Network Launched - 2009-06-29 11:50:30


BAND FOR THE DAY is delighted to announce the much anticipated launch of our own social network which is wrapped around the bands and musicians on our site. This exciting development is just one in a raft of new features which are being released over the coming months.


Music Lover will now be regarded as FANS and their profiles & social networking abilities currently include the following:

Fans can pick their favourite bands and highlight these bands on their profile. In turn, bands pages show the fans that are following a band on the respective bands BFTD page.
General details about a fan will show on their profile.
An "about me" section telling people about themselves if they wish.
A music player - set to play the tracks a fan has bought on the BFTD system. If no songs have been bought then defaults to the BFTD radio player.
A viewable record collection that shows bought tracks with a link through to the bands that these songs represent.
The ability to search and befriend other music lovers by email, username or band favourite to build up a fan base for a band.
A wall for communicating with friends with comments.
A photo gallery to share photo albums.

Fans will be featured and ranked in their own Top 10 Fans. Fans gain points by listening or buying tracks from artists/bands on BFTD. Fans also gain TALENT SCOUT POINTS. Talent scout points are awarded when one of a fans top 4 bands (as highlighted on a fans page) win BFTD. Talent scout points can then be traded for band merchandise in the future.

Band Profile upgrades :-

Band can view the fans that are supporting them and will soon have the ability to communicate with them.
Bands will gain 10 points for each fan they gain but will also lose 10 points for each fan they lose.
Bands are now able to communicate with other bands by leaving messages on their wall.
Bands can now upload photos of gigs etc for fans to see in their gallery.

This is just part of a very exciting time to be part of BFTD so we would ask you to get involved and get your music heard as well as making the most of your merchandise shop which will have new items to brand, sell and create income from in the near future.

MAJOR UPGRADE ANNOUNCED - 2009-03-15 22:02:39

We are happy to announce a major upgrade which is both functional and aesthetic.

All tables are now in a carousel on the top left. Currently these tables consist of Today's Top 10, Top Sellers and Top Shops. When our social network is added we will also be adding Top 10 Fans and other informative tables.

Also, the BFTD site benefits from a new funkier look across all tables.
Best as always

The BFTD Team

NEW BFTD BEBO APP - 2009-03-12 16:39:58

BFTD announces BEBO app! Our BEBO account not only has a range of videos explaining all about BFTD, but includes all our band pics.


Big news also is if you have a BEBO account, you can download our BFTD BEBO PLAYER APP. You can configure it to play the playlists throughout the day, or configure it for your or any other band....each time someone goes to your BEBO account, if you have a "VOTE CATCHER" song you will gain votes from the BFTD BEBO APP as well. You can find out all about what we have been doing here ...

FREE MUSIC SOFTWARE FOR ALL - 2009-02-20 16:08:24

Do you wish you had the very best in music software, but can't afford the high prices asked for the main software DAW, plug-ins and notation software?

Don't worry, check out our ever expanding links section on BFTD and download stacks of software that is every bit as good as the big names TOTALLY FREE!

DAWs, plug-ins, samplers, name it, it's all totally free. Go here to our links page and check out just what you could have for absolutely nothing!

Were doing our best to make you the best!

The BFTD Team

UPGRADE TO MUSIC PLAYER ON BFTD - 2009-01-27 09:24:33

BFTD announces the latest upgrade; this upgrade effects each band player and home page radio. Above the home page of BFTD or each band page you will see this text...

"embed this player on your site"

1. You can embed the home page radio on your external website. To find out instructions on how to do this click the text above the home page player.

2. You can embed your own band player on your external website. To find out instructions on how to do this click the text above your band page player.

Engage visitors to your website with the BFTD HOME page radio which has new content added throughout each day. Or, why not feature your favorite bands on the BFTD site.

NOTE: The player will not play in Bebo, Facebook, Myspace etc. Our programming team is looking at a Bebo solution which will be released shortly. The player is not currently app friendly for social websites.


BFTD are proud to announce that a free merchandise shop is now available for all our bands.

This free shop enables all of our bands to create and customise merchandise with their own logos and images at no cost.

Bands making use of the shop have a "SHOP" tab added to the current list.

The free shop is a precurser for next years subscription platform BFTD CONNECT which will offer bands huge earning potential on all their merchandise.


BFTD ANNUAL REVIEW EZINE 2008 - 2008-11-07 21:45:09

The free BFTD EZINE 2008 review includes interviews from ten BFTD bands, the guys behind BFTD. Also you'll find out about some of the incredibly exciting ideas that we are bringing to BFTD very soon!

If you want to know the inside track on how this site is developing then download the Ezine (22 meg) by clicking the link on the left hand column or download from our downloads section.

It's a brilliant read!


THE 2008 Hall of Fame Winners - 2008-11-01 00:18:18

BFTD are delighted to announce that the winner of the BFTD 2008 Hall of Fame 1st prize of a recording contract with Circular Records is "THE PROCESSION".

The band have worked incredibly hard throughout the year to win this recording contract making use of flyers from the site, linking to their BFTD band page and in the process getting their music heard by 1000s.

They will soon be receiving a UK record deal as well as many other potential options. We will keep you informed of the progress the guys make.

You can find out more about Circular Records at

From everyone at BFTD well done to the Procession and good luck for the future. We hope you work well with your new partners and sell millions of albums.


FURTHER ENHANCEMENTS ADDED - 2008-07-16 23:59:42


Just to let you know that we have further enhanced the front page map.

1. We now have various simple one click jumps to various parts of the world...zoomed in where necessary.

2. Once a map is loaded, search for a specific city and see the bands/gigs/videos in that city.

3. Tabs in gigs have a custom icon, this will also be true for bands and videos as well. We are also looking at highlighting BFTD winners and HoF entrants on the map...more on this as it happens.

4. Move back - once you have viewed a tab, the system takes you back to where you were which is a great time saver.

More later!


LATEST UPGRADE NOW LIVE - 2008-07-11 17:12:41

BFTD WORLDVIEW/GIGS/VIDEO is now live on the homepage along with restyled sliding info tabs with links to relevant sections.


Individual BFTD bands, wherever they are in the world can be viewed by clicking on any of the tabs shown on screen.


The location of any gig that is entered by any of our bands shows up on the gig page. Click the tab for more details or click the view band page option on the tab for a more detailed map view on the respective bands band page.


All bands that have a video on the BFTD site now show up. Click the tab and then go to the band page to view.

Ged Brockie

NEW BAND PAGE - 2008-06-17 13:40:14

BFTD is in the middle of a huge update process. The first thing to come on line was bonus votes which is now in place. These bonus votes will be explained in later news. Today, we are delighted to announce an upgrade to all band view pages!

1. All songs, buying and voting options now brought to the top of the page with clear buttons with contextual text over them.

2. If a band has a current BFTD song, it plays by default as soon as your page is loaded.

3. If a band does not have a BFTD song, then the player has to be activated.

4. Neater TABS for biog, stats, video, gigs and our new BFTD worldview!

5. BFTD worldview...users of the site can see your bands and other bands in your country.

6. Songs now loaded into the player in song packages of up to three songs (re possible Hall of Fame entry).

7. Bigger maps for gigs and the new BFTD WORLDVIEW.

We hope you have a look at the new style and give us your feedback...perhaps on the forum? This is just the beginning guys, so get set for an amazing transformation of the site over the coming months.



BFTD are working with a new festival, the "Grassroutes Unsigned Festival" based in the North East of England. BFTD will have a presence at the festival as the band that wins BFTD's March/Aprils band competition will play on the main stage on Sunday 21st of Sept. The festival takes place over the weekend of the 19th - 21st of September 2008.

Check out this new and dynamic unsigned band fest (see links at bottom of page) which is sure to have a huge impact beyond the North East of England. A large media presence is on offer giving the potential of coverage throughout the UK and Europe.


We are delighted to announce that from this month, all bands that win the monthly BFTD musicians award will automatically be offered an interview in the Ezine "The Horn" magazine.

The Horn is the number one choice for Indie music and musicians and has a rapidly growing readership around the world of currently standing at 10000 hits each month.

Here is another great reason for you to mobilise your fan base and get them listening and voting for you on BFTD!

BFTD ON FACEBOOK - 2008-02-01 11:56:17

Are you or your band a member of Facebook? Now you can join with us to give a real and growing presence on the Facebook site. If all our bands and members join up to our group we will have significant numbers so please why not take the time and add yourself for more exposure.

* Upload your videos to our group.
* Tell all your Facebook friends about the group and encourage them to join us.

We will be making a big effort to grow this and further extend our presence and reach which can only mean one thing...more exposure for all on the BFTD website.

Hope to see you there!

Best wishes

Ged Brockie


BFTD is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Circular Records Ltd. Circular is an established Scottish label with a wide range of artists of the highest quality from across a spectrum of genres.
UK wide distribution and strong links across the industry as a whole makes this one of Scotland's most exciting labels.

2007 Student Radio Awards Report - 2007-11-20 03:58:12

The night was a stunning success for all involved. The photograph on the left shows the winners of the BFTD sponsored award with Jim Davis of LBC Radio.
Radio 1 was there in full force and the BFTD logo could not be missed as it was beamed across the room on giant screens ranged across the stage...nobody could miss it! Here are the results from the best interview category with judges remarks.


Gold: Jack Penate - Gareth Ragg and Sarah Holmes, URN 1350
The judges said of this year's winning entry that it had clearly been well thought through beforehand, and as a consequence it was clear that its execution was enjoyed by both interviewer and interviewee alike. The interview itself, even in its shortened, edited form, demonstrated a real understanding of interview technique - and that, combined with the effective use of illustrative music, resulted in an excellent four minutes of radio.

Silver: Ewan McGregor - Tim Johns, Fresh Air

Bronze: Layik Hama - Jimmy Smallwood,

Indepth Interview - 2007-11-20 03:19:01

Band For The Day is pleased to announce that the best unsigned ezine magazine out there titled "The Horn" has carried a three page article on the BFTD website in it's third issue. As well as this we are featured in the news and intro sections as well as being mentioned on the front cover!
We will be adding the magazine for download soon enough, but if you can't wait, then you can get it here:

2007 Student Radio Awards - 2007-11-12 23:29:02

Band For The Day is delighted to sponsor one of the awards in the annual Student Radio Awards where the radio stars of the future strut their stuff in front of a celebrity audience.
BFTD is sponsoring the best interview category and the event takes place on the 15th of November in London, England.
With Radio One and a host of stars in attendance, it's sure to be a stunning start for BFTD. The BFTD award will be presented by LBC's very own Jim Davis. We are sure it will be a night to remember.

BAND FOR THE DAY GOES LIVE - 2007-11-11 19:00:43

Over one year in development from initial concept to web site opening, it's a great feeling for all involved with BFTD to finally open our doors to the music public. We have high expectations for the site and we are open to all comments regarding what you need. With only four days to go, we are holding our breath for the first BFTD winner towards the end of the week.